Live Right With Natasha who is Radeon Soul?

Natasha in the kitchen. Stay tuned to for heathy diet tips

Ask Natasha and she’ll tell you. A huge factor in her success is the undying love and support she receives from her husband, Radeon Soul. Ask MIM Television and we will tell you, a huge part of this program is the smooth, well-orchestrated modern sounds of Radeon Soul. In this episode of Live Right with Natasha, you get to hear about this talented musician and god fearing husband. You can hear it in his voice, he loved his queen Natasha like Christ loves the church. We also learn how Radeon Soul creates his wonderful music and what drives him. MIM television is all about good music. After all the MIM stands for Mr. Instrumentalist Music. And now we present to some and introduce to others, Radeon Soul! MIM Television. Celebrating What’s Good.